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Blessed, Blessed, Blessed

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Blessed, Blessed, Blessed
(Elizabeth’s Song)

I hear Mary singing, her soul the Lord exalting
Her spirit is rejoicing in her God, her Savior
Now all generations will hear her exaltation
Of the One who does great things and shows her favor!

Blessed, blessed, blessed
Among all women blessed
And blessed is the Fruit of her womb, how can it be?
Blessed, blessed, blessed
Among all women blessed
The mother of my Lord has come to me

Oh the joy it gave me, to give this place of safety
The Son came in when I heard her greeting
The Holy Spirit filled me, the sound of her voice thrilled me
I clutched my side, I felt my baby leaping


I hear Mary singing through the tears of fallen man
Singing through God’s promise she would bear the spotless Lamb
we call her
Blessed, blessed, blessed


©Charlotte Ryerson 2015