Do you ever feel discouraged about your progress in becoming more like Christ?

There seems to be a tension between what is now and what is not yet.  And also a tension created as we learn more deeply of the holiness of God and our sinfulness.  It is this latter tension within the process of sanctification that can really sink me at times. 

That's not a bad thing because of where it always drives me.  I remember at last that there is only one place to go with heart of near despair, and one posture in which to go. The place is to the cross of Christ, the arms of Christ, the bosom of Christ!  And the posture is first kneeling, broken.  There, He beckons us to Himself.  He draws us in to Himself through His word, the Bible.  Oh what precious promises there are in His word!  

Here, in Christ, is real help and strength to go on.  Remembering anew that He has died for my every sin, and every failure, no matter how many of these there are!  Rest comes only in nestling in His arms as His beloved child.  

The song this month came out of one of these times.  It is called Wave Upon Wave. May it bless and comfort you, and most importantly drive you further in and on with Christ.






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