Well, we made it to July!

June was quite a month, ending with a bang--a startling overturn of Roe Vs Wade!  We note that sadly, the personhood of the unborn was not recognized by the court, but the affirmation that abortion is not a constitutional right was enough to throw many of those for whom abortion is a religious rite (not just a "right") into a wild and destructive frenzy. 

Where does this leave us Christians? Praying for and loving these and other enemies.  Standing up for the defenseless.  And getting more serious and intentional about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is the only life rope for an insane world sinking into an eternal hell.

With this in mind, I have posted a newly recorded (and newly finished) song I have been working on. It's a little different genre from what I usually write, but it seemed the right decision for this song. I sincerely hope it can give you courage for what is today, and what will likely be more fierce tomorrow. We Christians are living on borrowed time.


Borrowed Time 

I am bought with a price      
My life is just on loan       
Jesus You paid it all    
And I am not my own     
In the crosshairs of the world, they hunt me, they fight me  
Lord help me give my all    
When demons take their aim  
It's into Your arms I fall    


I’m living on borrowed time, borrowed time   
I’m out on the thin ice now    
Way up on the tightrope line   
I’m living on borrowed time    

You were the suffering One   
You died courageously   
You gave no place to fear    
You loved Your enemies    
Even as You warned of hell, the torment, forever   
Let’s not shrink from the truth   
Until You call us home   
We fight on, bulletproof    

I’m living on borrowed time, borrowed time   
Our heartbeats count down now   
There’s not a breath that’s mine 
I’m living on borrowed time  


©Charlotte Ryerson 2016-2022

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