Resurrection Ground


Midwinter, it’s bitter, I’m standing here all alone

My mother, my father, lie here underneath this stone

and the snow keeps falling down

like kisses on my face, telling me this place is resurrection ground



Resurrection ground, your fields are sown with glory

The dead in Christ will hear the trumpet sound!

O happy day! Happy end to death’s sad story, in Christ we rise

Burst the bonds of earth, soon you will give birth, Resurrection ground!



Pass by them, so silent, most graves get no second glance

But Oh hear them, and fear them, in death there’s no second chance

O let us in Christ be found!

Longing for His shout, let the saints come out! resurrection ground!





I grieve here, but I leave here comforted 

There are kisses on my face, telling me this pace is resurrection ground!!!


©Charlotte Ryerson 2015

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