Check out my new release on Spotify, written for my husband Jack.   

Check out my new release on Spotify, written for my husband Jack.   

Change The Wind 

Of the Pilgrims: “They had a great hope and an inward zeal of advancing the cause of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ and those remotes parts of the earth. Yet, even though they should be but a stepping stones unto others for the performing of so great a work."—William Bradford 

They sailed from Plymouth, England upon a tiny ship 

They prayed for Indian nations as they endured the trip 

But just as they were coming close to Cape Cod’s shore to land 

A cold wind rose and clenched its icy hand 

Waves would drive them to the rocks, they fell down on their knees 

The ship was tossed and yet they knew Who listened to their pleas 

Their prayers rose up through freezing spray, and then through streaming eyes 

They saw God turn the wind around in answer to their cries, they cried 


Lord, change the wind, Lord, change the wind 

We are weak and sinful men 

Shine Your gospel where Your gospel’s never been 

They founded a great colony but now they are all gone 

The God they worshipped, now is mostly blasphemed and unknown 

How shall a people call on God if they’ve never heard 

Give us shepherds after Your own heart 

Lord warn us with Your word! we cry 


There is one I love whose heart stays cold and hard 

And all my groaning for his soul is tearing me apart 

For all will surely perish Lord without Your saving power 

He’s like one caught in a storm in the darkest hour, I cry 



For the wind and the waves obey You 

And the rocks shall cry out to praise You 

In our peril come, O Savior, O Savior! 


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