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Mingus Mountain



I came to this world on a misty moisty morn

By the riverside, another rebel born

Wandered down to Tennessee, I was born again

Now I seek a home that will not end



Home, beyond the Mingus Mountain

Far, beyond the Mingus Mountain

Jesus washed me in that fountain

I am going home, don’t you look for me Jerome, 

Cause I am going home, going home



Wonder if I’ll die in the Arizona sun

On this scarred up mountainside, will my race be run?

One more little song in me before the day is done

I am going home, going home




Fire will come down on this land that bore the Flood

Land that cries against the hands that shed the babies’ blood

Turn while you still can my friend, coming is the Judge,

I am going home, going home




Church bells singing in the holler

Crying, come back to the Father

Day is dying in the copper

Day that will never come again

  1st Verse, CHORUS

©Charlotte Ryerson 2018


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