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The latest project is still unnamed and still a work in progress. It is a collection of songs I am working on that were written during the declining years of our parents.  We were privileged to be with them during that time, through the end of their earthly lives.

You can hear two of them on the home page.

Below is another song I wrote recently--not a part of the new project, but one I wrote after hearing an excellent sermon about what Christ suffered on the cross, called God Did Not Spare His Son.  Much attention is given to Christ's physical suffering, but it was far more than that.  Scroll down and take a look at the lyric while you listen.

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    God Did Not Spare His Son

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God Did Not Spare His Son 


Isaac saw it gleaming, the knife of Abraham 

God spared Isaac but not by the ram 

Only God Himself prevailed against the sin of man 

Only God could do it, truly God and truly man 

God must provide the Lamb 


God did not spare His Son 

God did not spare His Son 

For our sins he delivered Him up 

God did not spare His son 

( O, Hallelujah, God did not spare His Son) 


Night time in the garden the bleeding Jesus lay 

“Father let this cup pass”, three times He did pray 

Angels came to help Him; there was no other way 

There was no other answer and Jesus would obey 

Trembling for the coming day 


Verse 3: 

Others bore a beating, others crucified 

But this was not the horror of His sacrifice 

It was our sin that He became that brought His anguished cry 

“Why have You forsaken me?” as wrath poured from on high 

He died the death we should have died 

Verse 4: 

An infinite Person took infinite wrath 

He drank the bitter burning cup, drank it to the last 

And when it was finished, the chains of hell he smashed 

The spotless Lamb rose from the grave, it could not hold Him fast 

But scars of His suffering last 


BRIDGE:  Christ gave His life willingly, His joy was you, His joy was me 

and how will not the Father give us all things, when He did not spare His darling! 

©Charlotte Ryerson 2021

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    How Majestic Is Thy Name In All The Earth

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