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Father Thou Hast Hidden My Life

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This song has been used in worship services in a couple of different churches. Feel free to use in yours. Please just let me know who you are and where it is being used. Thanks!


Father, Thou Hast Hidden My Life

Father, Thou hast hidden my life
In heavenly places
Hidden with Christ
And though now we’re seeing
Through a glass that’s dark
We’ll be like Thee when we see Thee
As Thou art

Through the Spirit of glory
Now let us mortify
the sins of the body
O its war until we die
O my God, just to be like Thee!
to be made like Thy Son
Let our chains fall off broken
in these races that we run


We are aliens and strangers
whom this world does not know
We are walking here by faith
We are living here by hope
O my soul think what we shall be
when at last we all shall rise
to awaken with Thy likeness
we’ll be finally satisfied!


©Charlotte Ryerson 2012