1. New Jerusalem

From the recording Zion's Chapel

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New Jerusalem

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Here, we have no lasting city. We learn this in Hebrews 13:14. This is certainly observable in the run-down, sad streets of the cities of the world. But the verse goes on to say, "BUT we seek the city that is to come!" There is more! In Christ we can look forward to the New Jerusalem, described in detail in the 21st chapter of the book of the Revelation in the Bible.


New Jerusalem

Here we have no lasting city
We seek the city to come
prepared by Christ for all who love Him
The holy city, New Jerusalem

It’s a Kingdom that cannot be shaken
It’s the stone Daniel saw rolling down the mountainside
to crush all the wicked earthly kingdoms
It’s New Jerusalem, shining like a bride coming down

Here, when earthly kingdoms totter
Fall, and never rise again
Look up and see what our Father
has made for all who trust in Him


Men may shake their fist at heaven
and hate us, for they first hated Him
who hung on the Cross and cried, “Forgive them”
and made the way to New Jerusalem!
While there’s still time, He cries “Come!”

Like a bride coming down, like a bride coming down
New Jerusalem

©Charlotte Ryerson 2014