1. Kiss The Wave

From the recording Zion's Chapel

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Kiss The Wave

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This song was inspired by a fairly well-known quote by Charles Spurgeon. He said that he had learned to kiss the wave that threw him on the Rock of Ages. Powerful thought, that our troubles bring us closer to Jesus, and for that reason we can literally kiss them!


Kiss The Wave
from a quote attributed to Charles Spurgeon

Walking in this world of woe
God will never let me go
Though tragedy lies waiting just around the bend
I have felt His tender Hand
in pounding waves and shifting sands
Jesus is my solid Rock until the final end

Though the thunder roars, though the tempest rages
I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me on the Rock of Ages
Hide me in His wounds, the Savior cleft to save us
I will kiss the wave that throws me on the Rock of Ages

Every storm comes through His hands
Waves that will not let me stand
It’s mercy that won’t leave me standing where I am
So take me to His righteousness
Take me to His holiness
Throw me broken on that Rock, He is my Promised Land!


When my time is drawing near
and waves grow dark I shall not fear
They know the way to Jesus through the pains of death
They’ll cast me on my resting place
Spring of joy, trove of grace
And on that Rock, my blessed Hope, I'll lay my dying head


©2015 Charlotte Ryerson