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Speak Your Name

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Temptation is everywhere. Its voice is strong, but the name of Jesus is stronger! It is my hope that this song will help Christians to use the name and power of Jesus' victory over sin on the cross to resist temptation.


Speak Your Name

When this world’s making so much noise
And it’s pulling me so far away from You
When it’s hard on the narrow way
and I don’t want to do what I ought to do

When temptation rushes in, I’ll speak Your name, I’ll speak Your name
I’ll make no peace with sin, I’ll speak Your name, I’ll speak Your name
Flaming in the dark, bursting in my heart, O Your name’s a name like no other
Father, Spirit, Son, mighty Three in One, here with me, closer than a brother
Through the flood and through the flame, I’ll speak Your name I’ll speak Your name

When the flesh says tone it down
We can get along if we tweak the truth
I will think of that rugged cross
and just what it cost and I’ll follow You


Lord if I would be your true child
I must beat back the Devil with Your light
With Your shield I will quench his darts
and inside all Your armor I will fight


© Charlotte Ryerson 2015