Can't believe we are winding up July and heading into August already!  Hope you all are having a great summer.  

For this month, I am featuring a song that is part of a new project I'm working on.  Several years ago, we had quite a few deaths in our family including our parents.  Anyone who has been through this knows it's not easy.  

During those years, I wrote a number of songs, not exactly autobiographical, but songs that reflected the emotions and experiences we went through.  I had always hoped to put them into a collection, and now I am in the process of choosing and recording them.  My prayer is that they will be a help and comfort to those going through similar times.  Some are raw, some are sweet, some are sad, some reflect the triumph of death in Christ. 

There is one song that you will hear soon, by my brother Bill, which he has graciously allowed me to include on this project.  It's called Release, and is sung by Bill and my dear sister-in-law Jaye. Hopefully next month!   

For this month, I am featuring Texarkana Trains , a song about us leaving our parents' hometown after their passing.  I hope you can relate and enjoy! 

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