Waters of Mark Twain

I never realized we’re all orphans in the end
Till I stood by my father’s bed in Hannibal
Time will shake it loose, all your finery and friends
If you got someone to love you it’s a miracle
I say goodbye to him a little every day
Sit and watch these muddy waters roll
I wish I could make it right; I wish I could run away
Lord there’s such a longing in my soul

Mississippi River take me down
I dream of Memphis, it’s a good place to drown
Take me past New Orleans on the waters of Mark Twain
Where tears drop forgiveness on old Missouri rain

I first tasted wanderlust when he read me Huck Finn
We went dreamin’ on that raft and it was wonderful
But soon I would have faked my death to get away from him
‘Cause freedom’s call was undeniable
It’s funny how I’m the child that wound up coming home
For a sadder parting by and by
Oh I wish I’d really known him like I wish that I was known
There’s a better home awaiting in the sky


When will the rain come down from the clouds
When will the rain come wash me away and the


©Charlotte Ryerson August 21, 2007