From the recording Friends Of The Christ


All Of Our Lives
(Simeon and Anna’s song)

Youth has passed us by, watching and waiting
We grow frail, we grow old, fasting and praying
In these Temple walls, through the blood and the dying
We have lived for this day all of our lives

At last, at last, our Consolation
Holding Him, loving Him
God’s great salvation
Come in from the world, O come home, Holy Nation
Come and see Who redeems all of our lives

We lift up this Chid, see the Son God has given
Some shall fall, but some shall rise, cleansed and forgiven
Soon we shall depart to our long home in heaven
shouting praise, past the grave, all of our lives!


Tears fill our eyes
Joy fills our hearts
We have seen Christ and now we can depart!

©Charlotte Ryerson 2015