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Tumbleweeds In Spring

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We were moving. So were the Tumbleweeds, all through Texas. Through the car windows was the video and this song became the soundtrack.


Tumbleweeds In Spring

These early March days, never-ending wind
Pump jacks slow down and they won’t start again
We’re leaving our fathers in the buryin ground
We’d stay here forever but now the jobs are gone
And we must break when the wind blows on

We are strong from years that turned us golden
Better for these tears, beautifully broken
Hold me close while we let go of everything
And watch God breathe on tumbleweeds in Spring

Stoplight in the dark, the Diner’s steamed up
Our names are inside on two coffee cups
The light turns green, it hurts too much
But we take this town in our hearts with us
In the lonely west where fields are rough


Those early March days, blowing down the road
With tumbleweeds in Spring
If they can fly, baby we can hope
When everything is changing…

©Charlotte Ryerson March 18 2014