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New Collection of Songs 

New Music! 
It's been a long time coming.  I've been writing this new collection, "Zion's Chapel" ,over the past few years.  The focus of it has been the church, and more specifically the church I know, which is the church in America.  My fervent prayer is that God will use this for His glory in the church Jesus died for.  We so badly need to humble ourselves before Him, to renew our commitment to Him, to walk and love and obedience to Him, to daily take up our cross and follow Him.  And trust me, I know because it is the conviction of the Holy Spirit who has pointed out my sin and thereby inspired these songs.  Anything convicting in these songs has convicted me first! 

The songs are available to listen to or download.  There's a field called "Your Price".  Feel free to enter 0.00 there if you want to download it free.  If you'd like to support what we're doing and help cover costs of the website, recording, making and mailing the free CD, feel free to do so there as well.  Either way we hope God will work in these songs to advance His kingdom in the hearts of all who hear.