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Just Do Something! 

I ordered a book for a gift for someone this past Christmas and never gave it.  The title grabbed me and I couldn't put it down.  It is Just Do Something, by Kevin DeMoss.  

The subtitle: 
OR how to make a decision without dreams, visions, fleeces, impressions, open doors, random Bible verses, casting lots, liver shivers, writing in the sky, etc."

Basically the premise is that there are many "doing" decisions on which there is no guidance in Scripture.  For example, should I move to Seattle or Miami?  Should I buy this house or the other one? Dr. DeMoss argues that God's main business is conforming us to Christ, and uses the circumstances of life to do that.  There is a lot of peace in just believing that God will get us where we need to be in order for Him to work in us and through us.

We can believe in His absolute sovereignty in the "doing" part, but we don't need a "word" from Him in every situation.  We can use our God-given common sense combined, of course, with lots of Scripture and lots of prayer.  And obedience to what we do know in Scripture.

Of course, we must use His principles to make decisions,  We need to fast and pray as a habit of life.  We don't need to make as a condition that in making a decision, that God will keep us from all unpleasantness.  We don't need to stress out about messing up God's "perfect will" if we choose one acceptable thing over another acceptable thing.

I appreciated Demoss's example of Esther. Mordecai asked her to take a huge risk, death in fact, for her people.

"So what would you do at this point?" DeMoss asks. "Pray for some sign from heaven?  Wait for God's will to be revealed?"

Instead, Esther instructed all the Jews to fast.  She had a good idea of what was right based on principles.  She had no guarantee of the outcome.  

De Moss continues, "Esther didn't wait for weeks or months trying to discern God's will for her life before she acted.  She simply did what was right and forged ahead without any special word from God.  If the king extended to her the golden scepter, praise the Lord.  If he did not, she died."

I would also add to that last sentence, "Praise the Lord."

I pray that I can do likewise.  Just live a life of trust, with fasting, prayer, principles, courage, love, and joyfully submitting to God's conforming me to His dear Son.