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Puffy Pizza Crust  

I call this recipe Puffy Pizza Crust because it reminds me of the crust that you can get at a restaurant here called North Italia.  But  it's official name is "Crispy, Chewy, Bubbly Crust" and it is that! Just click the link and it will take you to the recipe.

The directions seemed funny to me at first--and I've made a lot of dough (I mean real dough, not $ dough, LOL!).  It requires pinching, folding, sliding, stretching. It's a fairly dense dough which I was not expecting.  I weighed the flour (4.25 oz= 1 cup) because I tend toward too heavy cups of flour. I would recommend weighing the flour because it could be too dry if you don't.

I also doubled the recipe because there is just no point going through all the steps for a couple of pizzas.  Doubling it makes 4 crusts, and I froze two of them.  They freeze well! 

Back to the denseness of the dough--I did splash a little water in it while I was wetting my hands and doing all the things to it.  It softened it a bit and and it came out fine.  Yeasted doughs are pretty forgiving in my experience. 

You need to start this a day in advance though, because it needs a long, slow rise.   

If you make this great crust, let me know how it turned out!