(I don't know about you) But I'm Feeling 62! (Part 1) 

Good morning friends!

I got some good advice at a music seminar in Nashville two weekends ago.  Age is not something to run from, but to embrace.  Of course Nashville (or LA or New York) totally does NOT do this!   But I can implement the advice anyway.  

Truth is, the young feel they own the music, but they don't.  They own the popular music, but for me there's freedom having that door shut.  There is no lure in wondering what a label might want, and no being anxious about being prettier than the multitudes of gorgeous young  women trying to do the same thing I'm doing.

In my heart, my songwriting can belong to God as never before.  I know that I would not write or sing the songs I am working on if I were, like in the Taylor Swift song, 22! My husband Jack and I have raised children and buried our parents.  The responsibilities are now less and the urgency is greater.  With age comes the knowing you won't be here that long, and it adds an additional drive to get the songs that are in my heart written, recorded, and out there!  

It's pretty cool.  I'm thinking, going forward, I am going to write a series of blogs about being "62" and doing music.  Stay tuned if this is of interest!

The song I chose to accompany this blog is "When I Call to You".  It is a love song to my husband Jack.  It's about a mature love. I would not have written it at 22. 

Thanks for reading!

Love you all in Christ,

Soli Deo Gloria--For the glory of God alone!


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